Swiss Minimalism

Valais, in western Switzerland, is the country’s largest wine region accounting for almost half of its wine production. If you’re not overly familiar with Swiss wine it’s because they barely export more than 1% of their production as virtually everything they produce is consumed domestically. But in keeping with Switzerland’s premium standards, the quality of Swiss wine is quite high across the board.

Valais’ newest winery is in Chamoson is MAISON BAIA.

Founded in 2020 by Jean-Blaise Gollut, “baia” focuses on terroir oriented wines, resistant grape varieties and sustainable production practices. CHALK has been entrusted with the Maison Baia’s brand strategy as well as logo and label designs.

These are some label and packaging concepts which have been produced.
The look and feel of the visual identity is inspired by the Swiss Minimalism movement.


  • Brand strategy and consulting
  • Product names and slogans
  • Label design
  • Logo design
  • Website in three languages (on-hold)