In 2012 CHALK founded the Grand Crüe (GC): a group of international, non-conformist wine industry professionals.

We are winemakers, photographers/videographers, designers, writers, musicians and misfits.

GC members are active in 11 nations and are of 12 nationalities.

There is no GC exam. Though members are not tested for Wine IQ, they are expected to be at the top of their game related to their specialty in the wine industry.

Wearing the GC monogram and/or membership skull ring represents absolute authenticity, a creative spirit, innovation, anti wine-snobbism, and a true love for wine culture. Each ring is custom made to fit and laser engraved with each member’s name and number.

We are the GC.

Website: (under construction)


  • Brand and creative design
  • GC ring design
  • Website production
  • Content creation
  • Event organisation