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[ut_quote_alt author=”Fred Loimer, Winemaker”] Whether video or eCommerce,  Chalk Creative tackles every project with professionalism and high quality standards. [/ut_quote_alt]
[ut_quote_alt author=”Georg Hohenester, Deutscher Alpenverein”] Five stars for Dan’s commitment over many years. Professional, consistent input and always on-trend. [/ut_quote_alt][ut_quote_alt author=”Alain Bramaz, Globalwine Switzerland”] Dan has a very broad skill-set… he’s a one man army! [/ut_quote_alt][ut_quote_alt author=”Stéphane Ferreira, Quinta do Popa”] Packaging design, innovative ideas and efficient execution; I can highly recommend Chalk creative for your next project.[/ut_quote_alt][ut_quote_alt author=”Jochen Brune, AlpenvereinAktiv.com”] Dan promised a 4 to 5 minute educational video that wouldn’t put people to sleep. He delivered! [/ut_quote_alt][ut_quote_alt author=”Stefan Leibold, Triumph”] Dan doesn’t just know how to capture food & wine on video or in photos, women’s lingerie seems to be a strength of his too.[/ut_quote_alt]