You know which wines you like -but you don’t know why?

And you’d like to learn more about wine – from the comfort of your own home? offers a wide range of entertaining German & English language online wine seminars for wine lovers of all levels.

Accredited sommelier and founder, Daniele del Gesso (aka. Finkus Bripp GC and CHALK creative), has over 12 years of experience in the wine industry and has successfully carried out many wine seminars for private groups & corporate clients, created his own wine collections and worked with wineries, wine marketing boards and wine dealers around the globe as a creative consultant.

As the pandemic of 2020 hit, virtual education offerings in all sectors found an acceptance as never before. CHALK was capable of getting off the ground from the idea to launch within the span of only 6 weeks.


CHALK tasks:

  • Brand and creative design
  • Biz plan
  • Website production
  • Online and offline marketing campaigns
  • Seminar material
  • Content creation
  • Video production
  • Vehicle branding
  • Merchandising material
  • Seminar logistics
  • Partner and sponsorship co-ops