Play smarter, not harder!!

Learn to navigate the guitar fretboard like a ninja with visually stunning and learning focused Guitar Jamarama backing track videos. The platform will also offer easy-to-understand guitar theory videos for guitar players of all levels.

Coming in Q2-2021

The sheer amount of online guitar lessons and information available today is the boon & bane of aspiring guitarists. It’s never been easier to learn the guitar but at the same time the online learning space can be a dark labyrinth for anyone starting out.

Guitar Jamarama plans on being part of the solution rather than the problem by offering practical guidance tips, educational backing tracks (for solo guitar learning) and micro guitar theory documentaries – debunking certain myths and introducing new ways to look at established guitar theories.

The free videos will be available on Youtube and on the Guitar Jamarama website. Here are a few video jam track screenshot examples.

Jam Track intro screen
View of a jam track video interface – 12 Bar Blues in A, various scales and corresponding fretboards, follow along easily with the chord display… see which bar you’re in and what’s coming up.
Soloing tips will be displayed as well, as in this example: targeting chord tones when playing over the A7 chord in order to solo more melodically. The same will be displayed for the other chords.
Other technique tips will include note bending… the possibilities are endless. (under construction)

CHALK creative tasks:

  • Creative concept
  • Brand and visual design
  • Website production
  • Online & social marketing
  • Jam Track interface design
  • Instructional design
  • YouTube channel management
  • Video production