GUITAR JAMARAMA is dedicated to helping DIY learners efficiently structure their learning path and convey music theory in an approachable manner. Learning and playing the guitar should be fun. Why play harder when you can play smarter?

Guitar playing is more popular than it’s ever been and the boom in new guitarists across the globe experienced during the Covid pandemic is unprecedented. Though there has never been so much free online lessons available, it’s simultaneously a boon and bane since beginners have zero structure.

Guitara Jamarama aims to change that.

This is a brand new project which will be launched in 2023. It consists primarily of a website offering wealth of information for beginners, a youtube channel and merchandising platform.

CHALK is responsible for the 360 degree concept and production of the project in its entirety.

Logo Colour Variations
Fretboard Diagram: Chord Pattern
Guitar Jamarama eBook
Merchandising & Giveaways: Guitar Jamarama plectrum

Website: (in progress)


  • Brand strategy and design
  • Marketing concept and biz strategy
  • Website
  • Video concept
  • Merchandising design
  • Communication materials
  • Educational materials